Costa Rica VIP Party

Would you like to join our agency?

Please fill out the following:

    - A personal detailed description
    - Your phone number and information about what you can offer
    - Minimum 6 photos
    - Photographs must be taken with a digital camera, or a good quality phone camera. Ask a friend or do it yourself, or set it to timer and make the photos yourself.

These pictures are for review only and will not be used for publication. Please send your professional photos by email these will be used to create your gallery / profile.

If we approve your request, we will call and we will arrange for an appointment and make a personal interview. The agency requires you to have an excellent presentation. If the agency is satisfied after your interview and you agree with the proposals of the agency, we will create your gallery and upload your photos. We look forward to your email.

Two photos of the clearly recognizable face:
1. Smiling (showing teeth)
2. Serious

Showing the whole body, from head to toe:
3. Front
4. Back
5. Left side
6. Right side


This 'Photo Upload' works like Dropbox or Google Drive, just add your photos here.. and it will be send to us. When done Please send an email to us with your email and phone number, so we can get in touch with you.